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Less than 3 percent of the world’s deep waters have been explored. Considering that nearly all deep sea research has been conducted by small group of developed nations in their own waters (USA, USSR, New Zealand, Japan, UK, and France), the deep waters of less developed regions are truly unknown— in my case, the coasts of Central America.

It is this Unknown you are now able to personally explore. On every dive the submarine Idabel illuminates places that have never known any light at all— places no human eyes have ever seen.

Captain Karl Stanley

$ 500


1,000 ft Expedition


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Captain Karl Stanley has spent over two-thirds of his life pursuing his desire to explore the planet’s “final frontier”. He has designed and built two deep-diving submersibles which he has piloted in three different countries.  While many people have spent more time in libraries, laboratories, and classrooms studying the ocean, few people have accumulated as many hours directly observing deep sea aquatic life as Karl Stanley. Karl has recorded over 1350 dives each lasting from a few hours up to seventeen hours at a time.  He has logged over 3000 hours of experience piloting a deep submersible, which is more than all but a handful of people in history have managed to accumulate.

The story of Karl and his submarines has been featured by National Geographic and on the Discovery Channel.

Stanley Submarines

The vehicle is a one-of-a-kind deep diving submersible designed and custom-built for her exact location on Roatan, Honduras. The sub, which is the first in history constructed of three different sized spheres, is designed to safely transport three people to 3,000 feet (915 meters) below sea level.


The submersible is named “Idabel” in honor of the town in Oklahoma where it was born, and whose inhabitants were more than helpful in the process.


The process of building the sub is featured in a documentary by Rooftop Pictures. Click here to see their site.

The Creatures

Expedition Rates


1,000 ft

1,500 ft

2,000 ft

Six-Gill Shark

Lophelia Reef







All pricing is Per Person, Based on Double Occupancy.

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